Next BMW 8-Series Has Claimed A Life Ahead Of Debut!

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Car crashes are pretty much the norm on our roads right now but this is not so much for prototype-related crashes. Yesterday, a test model for the next-gen BMW 8-Series was caught speeding on public roads before crashing and it led to a loss of life.

It is unsure if the 8-Series prototype involved in the crash was meant to test its speed on public roads and this has led German law enforcers to apprehend the driver for further investigation.

Speaking of whom, the driver suffered normal injuries whereas the passenger which he was ferrying end up losing his life. Until further details are uncovered, the driver is suspected of irresponsibly handling a prototype car on public roads.

The next-gen 8-Series is closely linked to make its debut later this year and it is going to be the ultimate luxury car from BMW. It is unfortunate that such a crash has happened ahead of the car’s debut.