Next Ford Bronco, GT500: Did Electric Halt LA Debut?

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Things are about to get exciting for Ford as the carmaker is inching closer to the release of the next-gen Ranger, Bronco, EcoSport and of course, the Mustang GT500.

All four vehicles are expected to get released in 2018 hence many expected them to debut at the 2017 LA Auto Show but that didn’t happen at all. Instead, Ford went to the popular motoring event to promote their existing vehicles while also pull the curtains off a Lincoln SUV. What gives?

After giving it a long thought, we can’t help but to think that Ford has decided to delay the Bronco, Ranger, EcoSport and Mustang GT500 due to LA not being a good place to make an unveiling.

LA has been pushing for more green cars and every vehicle mentioned above are expected to be gas-guzzlers. Besides, there is a lot of attention given on hybrids and EVs at LA thus making it a bad platform for gasoline vehicles.

In a month from now, Ford will be participating at the annual Detroit Auto Show, another major motoring event set in their home-state. With the home crowd on their side, it will make the perfect stage for the Bronco, Ranger, EcoSport and the GT500 to make their respective debut.