Next Ford Bronco, GT500 Wants To Start 2018 With A Bang!

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The last LA Auto Show has left the majority of auto enthusiasts in a state of disappointment and this is due to the excessive focus on SUVs and electric cars. It gets more disappointing when LA saw every rumour linking the next Ford Bronco and GT500 hitting the trash.

None of those vehicles made it to the exhibition and a growing number of enthusiasts are questioning why. There is no official answer for this but we feel that it is due to the layout in LA.

Aside from being an SUV-dominated motoring event, LA also saw Tesla getting the most attention due to the EV carmaker having the home advantage. As such, there is a small prospect for success if Ford was to bring out a new Bronco and Mustang Shelby GT500 at the event.

Also, the Detroit Auto Show is the next major motoring event and it is happening this month. The gap between Detroit and LA is not long hence it is better for Ford to bring out the next Bronco and Mustang Shelby GT500 at their home field.