Next Ford Focus RS: You May Want To Stay Away From Current Model

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The latest Ford Focus RS is one of the best sports hatchbacks in the world right now but you may not want to jump straight into buying the car just yet.

Sure, prices of the Focus RS have stabilized after getting marked up by dealers in its first active year but getting the car today may leave you in a state of regret. This is because there are now evidences of the next-gen Focus RS to make an early debut. How early? Try 2020.

That is only two years away from now and what’s more exciting about it is that the next Focus RS promises big upgrades on the performance front. While the official details are not out yet, realistic speculations are rife in claiming that the next Focus RS will have a performance hybrid setup that can allow the car to develop a whopping 400hp an 425ft-lbs of torque.

Such figures are considered as a significant improvement over the 350hp offering on the current-gen Focus RS. Also, you can rest easy as the next Focus RS is highly unlikely to suffer from dire launch issues like the coolant leak that has plagued he current model.

With that being said, you are highly recommended to wait a little more for the next-gen Focus RS rather than settling for the current model. But do keep in mind that the above is still based on unofficial reports hence you should equally anticipate a disappointment.

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