Next Ford GT500 Can’t Do LA 2018, Here’s Why

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It is no secret that Ford is developing the next-gen Mustang GT500 but nobody knows exactly on when the carmaker will be pulling the wrappers off the high-powered sports car. It gets worse when the GT500 has missed many rumoured launch-dates this year.

With that in mind, a growing number of Mustang fans are looking at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show instead of the 2018 LA Auto Show for the vehicle’s debut. The reason is because the LA Auto Show has turned into a playground for electric and green vehicles, and this can be hostile towards the release of the GT500.

It’s an expectation that has convinced us into believing the same thing. After all, last year’s LA event saw most ICE vehicles getting left in the dark whereas electrics and hybrids got all the spotlight.

The next-gen Mustang GT500 is a car that will have a traditional ICE setup with the promise of an unbeatable straight-line performance. We can look forward to learning more about the vehicle in Detroit next year.