Next Ford Mustang Confirms 2018 To Be The Year Of Returns!

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After enjoying great sales success in the past decade or so, Ford is now more motivated than ever to revive their old creations with a modern makeover.

This move will go into full motion in this year, starting with the next-gen Ford Ranger. The Ranger is a popular midsized pickup truck in the global scene but it never managed to survive into the 2010s here in the US. However, after seeing new life in the local midsized segment, Ford has decided to revive the Ranger in its home market through a new generation model.

The next-gen Ranger will be going on sale before summer this year and it will be followed by more iconic names making a return. Aside from the Bronco, there is going to be the Mustang BULLITT.

Ford confirmed on the Mustang BULLITT earlier today through a Tweet with the caption “BULLITT is back”. The BULLITT is a really popular Mustang as it is often used in car chase scenes and enthusiasts can’t be happier about hearing its production. Stay tuned for the details.