Next Ford Mustang GT500 Calls For Detroit – Round 2!

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2018 is going to be the year where Ford brings out the next-gen Mustang GT500 and fans of the pony car are getting restless for the vehicle. This cannot be helped as the wait for the next GT500 has been unkind to the Mustang lovers.

The GT500 has been linked to make its debut at numerous motoring events from last year but none of them materialized. The biggest rumour was back in December which saw evidences of the GT500’s imminent debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

Well, the last Detroit Auto Show has reached a conclusion a couple of months ago and it never witnessed any massive unveiling of the GT500. With the rumours missing its mark, many are getting anxious in the wait for the pony car. So when will the GT500 make its official unveiling?

The best answer to this is the next Detroit Auto Show and proof of this surfaced yesterday when the organizers of the motoring event held a discussion to move the happening to October. An approval is still pending to happen and if it does come true, 2018 will welcome a second Detroit event.

The timing would play into Ford’s hands perfectly as it will give them ample time to prepare for the GT500’s unveiling. Will it happen though?