Next Ford Mustang GT500 Can’t Call LA Its Home?

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The LA Auto Show has always hosted the biggest reveals in the automotive industry but this is not the case for 2017. The annual LA Auto Show ended a couple of days ago and we can summarize the event in one word – ‘uninspiring’.

It cannot be helped as the vast majority of new concepts and unveilings are all SUVs and Crossovers. Furthermore, there’s just too much emphasis on electrification that perhaps held automakers back from showing off their gas-guzzling monsters.

We are particularly referring to the next-gen Shelby Mustang GT500, which has been linked to making its debut in LA. Well, it did not happen at all despite all the signs claiming otherwise. The GT500 became an absentee at the event even after Ford confirming on the application of a V8 very recently ago.

So when can we expect the next-gen GT500 to escape its covers? Our money is placed on the next Detroit Auto Show. Seeing that Detroit is considered as Ford’s home field, we can’t think of any other events that can offer a better setting for the GT500 to debut.