Next Ford Mustang GT500 Kills Hope For Supercharged V8!

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Recent weeks have seen plenty of rumors claiming that the next-gen Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is going to rely on a supercharged V8 engine and have 650hp to offer. Well, rumors are to be taken with loads of salt for a reason and we don’t think that the claim is spot on at all.

If you are to look at Ford’s engine progression in the last decade, the company has been investing a lot in turbocharged technology. Superchargers are simply rare on Ford’s vehicles today hence it is more likely for a turbo mill to feature on the next Mustang GT500.

To make it sound more certain, Ford has patented the name EcoBeast back in 2012 and this hint on an overpowered turbocharged V8 featuring on the GT500.

The only certainty we have right now is that the next Mustang Shelby GT500 will run on a V8 as that is what defines a Mustang. Ford has confirmed that V8s are here to stay and the full engine details are expected to get released later this year.