Next Ford Mustang GT500 Leaning Towards Turbos, Not Superchargers

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Recent weeks have seen rumors claiming that the next-gen Ford Mustang GT500 is going to come out running on a supercharged V8 engine and it will allow the car to pump out 650hp.

While the idea sounds exciting, we don’t think that the GT500 will be equipped with a supercharged V8 as it will instead adopt a turbocharged mill. Almost every car from Ford are now turbocharged and the carmaker has invested a lot in turbocharge technology thus making it likely for the GT500 to a V8 with turbines.

Even so, this particular expectation is still uncertain, at least until Ford drops more details on the upcoming GT500. The only thing we can confirm so far is that the GT500 will have an 8-pot mill – no less and no more.

Ford was quoted saying the GT500 will stick to a V8 like how it was in the past and the next-gen model won’t be changing that. It will be interesting to see on what sort of power-ups will feature on the V8s for the next-gen Mustang GT500.