Next Ford Mustang GT500: Manuals Will Only Ruin Potential

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The next-gen Mustang GT500 is on the verge of making its debut and if you’re hoping to obtain the vehicle with a manual gearbox, you should start giving up on the car.

The odds are stacked against manual coming to the Mustang GT500 and this is especially after today when Ford teased on some new bits on the vehicle.

Ford revealed that they want the Mustang GT500 to be the fastest drag car in the industry like it has always been and they are working hard at making this come true.

With such an aim, Ford will need to make sacrifices and it is to denounce the manual gearbox on the upcoming GT500. Manuals offer a tremendous amount of fun on sports cars but they can be a blockade to the next Mustang to achieve glorious acceleration.

Modern day automatic gearboxes, particularly the new 10-speed automatics from Ford, has proven its worth with rapid and precise shifting that it should be the standard for the next GT500.

The move to ditch manuals will also make sense on the GT500 as the lower end Mustang GT350R is already offered with stick shift.