Next Ford Mustang GT500: No V8 Means No Meaning To Existence!

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2018 looks set to host the unveiling of the next-gen Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, although nobody knows when exactly the car is going to make its debut.

One thing is for certain and it is that the next-gen GT500 won’t be affected by the downsizing trend. Ford has made it super clear earlier today that the GT500 will be running on V8 engine and this has allowed us to trash the rumours which claimed otherwise.

The Blue Oval company revealed that the Mustang GT500 has always relied on a V8 engine and changing that would hand the vehicle no meaning to existence.

It is not the first time Ford has made such remarks in regards to the Mustang GT500 as we have heard a similar statement from the carmaker last year.

Perhaps, the real solution for this is for Ford to hasten the release of the GT500 as doing so will finally cement the fact that the car will have a V8 mill and nothing else.