Next Ford Mustang GT500: No V8 Means No Release!

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It is no secret that Ford is currently developing the next-gen Mustang GT500 and the car promises significant performance improvements over its predecessor.

With such a prospect, it is easy to understand why many Mustang fans are excited for the vehicle although there is still a minority that are fearful for the upcoming car.

For these folks, they are worried that the Mustang GT500 will swap a V8 for a V6 as a move to downsize. Several variants of the Mustang have downsized in recent years hence it is not impossible for the GT500 to go down the same path.

Well, if you are among them, you should be at ease because Ford has reiterated earlier today that the upcoming Mustang GT500 will stick to a V8 engine. The carmaker reminded the fearful bunch that V8s are the definition of the GT500 and losing them would mean losing the Mustang entirely.

In short, if there are no V8s, there can never be a new Mustang GT500 hence you should stop believing the rumours that are claiming otherwise.