Next Ford Mustang GT500: No V8, No Party!

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What defines a Ford Mustang GT500? You can say a trademark performance and strong history for being one of the fastest cars around. Either way, the true definition of the GT500 lies with the V8 engine which it runs on.

For the next-gen model, it may have a different definition as rumours have been claiming that the GT500 is in-line for a downsize. Well, we can now be certain that such an outcome will never happen as Ford has pledged to stick with V8s for the next-gen GT500.

Ford UK revealed earlier today that the Mustang has got a wider market reach today thanks to being offered with a number of different setups. But even with a V6 and 4-cylinder on the offering, the Mustang won’t be a Mustang without a V8.

This is something which they wish to offer on the next-gen GT500 and the straightforward statement has sent the rumours into the waste bin. To keep things short, there won’t be the next-gen GT500 if the car can’t drive on a V8.