Next Ford Mustang GT500 Solves V8 Crisis Early On

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The next-gen Ford Mustang GT500 is inching closer to making its debut and we can now confirm that the prime car in the Mustang family will be tailored for the drag strip.

Ford has made it official when they revealed the Mustang GT500 will stick to its tradition and that is to go fast on the straight line. As such, it is perhaps right to say that Ford is hoping for the next GT500 to compete fiercely with the Dodge Challenger Demon.

The rumours are putting the next GT500 at a disadvantage here and this is due to their claims that the car won’t have a V8 on-board as it will be part of Ford’s downsizing initiative.

Well, you can now blast the rumours away because Ford has reiterated today that the Mustang GT500 will stick to V8. The carmaker pointed out that there is no point to building the GT500 if the car doesn’t run on V8s since the engine is what defines the Mustang entirely.