Next Ford Mustang GT500: Supercharged V8 Won’t Cut It, Here’s Why

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The past months or so have seen rumors claiming that the next-gen Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is going to come out running on a supercharged V8 engine and it will allow the car to pump out more than 700hp.

Such a setup will certainly make the GT500 more competitive against the likes of Dodge Challenger and other performance vehicles but we don’t think that the rumors will come true. This is because of superchargers, which is a powertrain feature that is not popular with the vehicles from Ford.

The past decade have seen Ford making extensively leaps in turbocharged technology and they have even patented the name EcoBeast which signals the coming of the most powerful turbocharged mill. EcoBeast is expected to be a twin-turbo V8 mill that will feature on the next GT500 thus making it unlikely for the upcoming Mustang to rely on a supercharged mill.

But of course, we can’t confirm on this just yet as it will need to wait until the next Mustang GT500 makes it unveiling. The only certainty here is that the V8s are here to stay and it will be the way for the upcoming GT500.