Next Ford Mustang GT500: V8s To Echo Through 2018 & Beyond!

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If you are a car manufacturer, what would be the best way to start a new year? Ask Nissan that question and they will answer you with a Rogue or any other SUVs/Crossovers.

But in Ford’s case, they want to fuel the year with limitless excitement and the ideal way to do so is through bringing out the next-gen Mustang GT500 early on.

The highly anticipated sports car is now expected by many to debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week and the event will bring out details on the V8 engine that rests under its hood.

Ford has already confirmed on the application of a V8 mill for the Mustang GT500 when they remarked that the vehicle won’t be affected by the downsizing trends because without a V8, there is no meaning to the sports car.

Leaks then suggest the mill to be a 5.2L V8 unit although there is no clear indication on whether there will be a turbocharger involved in the mix.

The certainty here is that the V8 is going to produce an attractive roar that will echo throughout the year and beyond. We will update you with more details once Ford has brought out the next GT500 within a week from now. Stay tuned.