Next Ford Mustang Shelby GT500: 10-Speeed Needs No Confirmation

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Last week, Ford confirmed that the 10-speed automatic gearbox, which they have developed together with rival GM, will be equipped on the Mustang. The new transmission will become available on the 2017 year model Mustang.

For those of you that are waiting for the next-gen Mustang Shelby GT500, you can assume that the vehicle too will be offered with the 10-speed automatic gearbox. Ford has been promoting the new transmission extensively hence there is no doubt that it will become a default offering on the GT500.

The 10-speed auto is said to offer faster and more accurate shifting. This will give the end user better control of the car’s power and also experience even better fuel economy figures. In other words, the 10-speed auto will help performance vehicles become more drivable on the daily too.

It needs no confirmation that the GT500 will come with a 10-speed auto. The only way for it to not happen is if Ford decides to turn the GT500 into a manual-only car.