Next Ford Ranger May Swap Raptor For ST

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Several days ago, Ford’s Hermann Salenbauch made an interesting reveal about the upcoming Ranger and he said that the midsized pickup truck is unlikely to debut with the Raptor trim.

The lad explained that Ford has identified the development of the Ranger Raptor as something that is not feasible hence they have decided to put the idea on hold until further notice.

The reveal got many speculating that there won’t be a Ranger Raptor at all. But some insiders have made a different claim about the statement and it is that Ford won’t use the name Raptor. The company will instead utilize the name ST in a move to standardized their high-performing products.

Making the leap from Raptor to ST through the Ranger will establish a more streamlined line-up of vehicles from Ford. On top of that, the popularity of Ranger can give the ST moniker a positive boost in perception thus aiding the Edge ST on the sales front.

At the moment, there is no certainty on the fate of the Ranger Raptor and it looks like we will need to wait until the vehicle’s official debut next month for some clarification on the matter.