Next-Gen BMW M4 Convertible Spotted Out In The Open

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We are still waiting for BMW to show us the BMW M4 Convertible and Coupe model and while we have not seen the Coupe yet, we did get to see the Convertible out in the open in Nurburgring. Here is what we have seen so far.

The BMW M4 Convertible was well covered in camo stickers so the lines and styling could not be seen but with the covers on, it does look like the vehicle would look a little boring but we might change our mind when BMW finally takes the covers off the BMW M4 Convertible model.

What revealed that it was the M model is the brake as it was seen with a drilled rotors, huge blue calipers, and black wheels. As for the engine, the vehicle should be getting the same engine as the X3 M and the X4 M which is powered by an inline six engine.

More details will be revealed when we get close to the reveal date but for now, that is all the details that we have.