Next-Gen Chrysler Pacifica On The Way?

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With SUV now getting all the attention, we did not expect Chrysler to want to work on a new Pacifica but according to the reports, that is what they are looking to do.

According to Allpar, FCA has already given the thumbs up for the next-gen Chrysler Pacifica and that we should be hearing more about it from them in a few months time.

There are not a whole lot details right now ince FCA has not officially announced it but it was speculated that Chrysler might be offering the new Pacifica with a few electric options including the electric options. There were also talks about Chrysler possibly releasing an AWD Pacifica this year although no official announcement has been made yet.

Since FCA is keeping everything shut under a tight lid, it would be better to take this all with a pinch of salt for now until they make an official announcement.