Next-Gen Jaguar F-Type Moving The Engine To The Middle?

Automakers can sometimes be set in their ways but that does not seem to be what Jaguar is about a new report suggest that they are ready to set their tradition aside and work on turning the next-gen Jaguar F-Type into a mid-engine vehicle.

According to Autocar, Ian Callum has worked out what he hopes the next F-Type will look like before he left and it was proposed that Jaguar should move the engine from the front of the firewall to the right behind the cabin.

The change would make the F-Type wider and lower which would not be the worst to have happened. This would also bring Jaguar as close as producing the C-X75 concept that they showed off back in 2010.

Of course, with Callum now gone, anything could happen to the F-Type and it will be up to Julian Thomson now to decide what the next-gen F-Type will have to offer.

Author: Staff Reporter

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