Next-Gen Jeep Grand Cherokee Won’t Take Any Design Risk

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The current Jeep Grand Cherokee is in serious need of an upgrade and while that is exactly what Jeep is looking to do, it looks like most of the changes will be happening underneath the covers.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee prototype was spotted out in the open and based on what we can see, the vehicle’s updated design will not stray too far from the current design but it did look like it had a longer wheelbase and rear overhang which we are hoping would lead to more legroom.

Previous reports suggest that the vehicle will be riding on the updated version of the Giorgio platform which will allow the Grand Cherokee to come with more engine options maybe including some EV options when it finally arrives.

No word on when the next-gen Jeep Grand Cherokee will be arriving but some people believe it will arrive in 2020 as a 2021 model.