Next-Gen Kia Optima Progressive Design Suggested

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Kia has made it pretty clear that they are willing to take things a little further when it comes to their design. We have already seen what the 2020 Hyundai Sonata has to offer and now we are about to see what the new Kia Optima will offer when it arrives.

The Kia Optima will be coming in as a next-gen model and while Kia is not ready to fully unveil it right now, they did reveal that the upcoming model will not be extreme but progression when it comes to its design.

According to Byung Chul Juh, Kia’s styling boss also revealed that the new design language will reflect the character of Kia like being young, iconic, innovative and cool.

Kia is also looking to work on the other Kia models with the next model being the Sportage. At this point, we do not know when we will be seeing these new updated model but it should not be too long.