Next-Gen Porsche Macan Will Be Electric All The Way

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It looks like Porsche is not going to hold anything back when it comes to electrifying their vehicle as the automaker announced that the next-gen Porsche Macan will be a fully electric vehicle.

According to Porsche, the next-gen model will be riding on the PPE vehicle architecture that Porsche and Audi is working on. Being one of the best selling models that Porsche has to offer, Porsche is taking a huge step forward by switching it completly over to electric pwoertrain.

This change is even more surprising since they are not offering a fill electric or plug-in hybrid version of the current Macan. The electric Macan will be produced at their Leipzig factory although no prodcution date or released date has been announced yet.

We also do not know what range the Macan will be offering and how much power the powertrain will have to offer.