Next-Gen Rolls-Royce Ghost: More Action Happening Inside

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From the outside, most people will probably not even notice that it is the next-gen Rolls Royce Ghost but it will be much clearer once they step inside as that is where most of the major changes will take place.

The next-gen Rolls-Royce will be getting some interior upgrades to match what the Cullinan and Phantom are offering right now. Besides getting a huge infotainment system, the vehicle will also get some new digital dials. They also change the placement of the vents and other parts similar to what we have seen on the other Rolls-Royce models.

On the outside, we should be able to see some new LED headlights tech but the rest of the car will still look very familiar. Powering it will most likely be the updated 6.75liter twin-turbo V12 engine that will be offering about 563hp and 664lb ft of torque. There have been talks about the vehicle getting some kind of EV engine but we will have to wait and see as nothing has been confirmed yet.