Next-Gen Toyota 86 Already Being Worked On?

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Although initial rumors suggest that Toyota might be looking kill off their Toyota 86, it looks like that is not the case. Not only has Toyota hinted that they will keep it around but new reports are now claiming that they are working on the next-gen Toyota 86 2+2 rear wheel drive coupe.

Toyota added that the new Toyota Supra was never meant to be a replacement for the Toyota 86 as both models were made for different audiences and are both different products.

What they had in mind was for both models to be offered alongside each other. One of the reasons why so many of us thought that the arrival of the Supra would mean the demise of the 86 is because the vehicle was not particularly popular and did not sell that well.

Besides the 86 and Supra, it was rumored that there might be another sports car coming to sit below the 86.