Next-Gen Volkswagen Passat Going To Be Electrified

Volkswagen gave the Volkswagen Passat a much-needed update not too long ago which is great but it looks like the Passat that we know might not stick around for long.

According to the report, Passat days might be numbered but it was suggested that Volkswagen is looking to replace the current Passat with an electric model which does make sense since Volkswagen has already made it clear that they are committed to an electric future.

We know that Volkswagen already has a lot planned out for the ID models with models like the Golf getting remove from their lineup and getting replaced with the ID.3 model. Some people think that Passat would also get an ID name when it gets its powertrain swapped out for something electric.

Of course, Volkswagen is not saying anything about what they might do now but we have seen Volkswagen play around with four-door low riding concepts like the ID Vizzion and ID Space Vizzion.

Author: Staff Reporter

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