Next-Gen Volvo XC90 Will Erase Diesel Imprints!

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It is official. Volvo announced earlier today that they have commenced developing the next-gen XC90 and the vehicle will commence a new era for the Swedish automaker.

Due to arrive in 2021, the future XC90 will start off with a brand-new architecture called SPA2. This is basically a more refined version of the current SPA platform.

Secondly, the XC90 will not feature a single diesel mill and it will be the way for every Volvo vehicle at that point of time. The void left by diesel will be replaced by more hybrid setups as well as an EV trim.

Volvo completed the tease by hinting on some next-level autonomy with the XC90 when they quoted that the vehicle will be able to haul sleeping passengers.

Keeping in mind that a driver can do the job of hauling sleeping passengers just fine, the quote strongly suggests that the SUV will have a sophisticated autonomous driving ability.