Next Honda Civic To Swap Sensing For Super Cruise?

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One of the reasons to why the tenth-generation Honda Civic is such a huge success is because of the Sensing Suite that comes with it. The semi-autonomous package greatly helps take the burden of a typical daily commute thus allowing drivers to relax more.

Honda Sensing has got a high-quality semi-autonomous offering that focuses greatly on safety and driver-assistive technologies. Even for a semi-autonomous technology, some Civic owners have shown that the tool is capable of making the car driving autonomously on good roads.

This is a sign of greater things to come from Honda as the carmaker seems like they have got the right foundation for a mind-blowing autonomous offering. But then again, Honda killed all hopes for this outcome earlier today when they announced on a $2.75 billion investment on GM’s Super Cruise.

The latter is the name of the autonomous technology that is being developed by GM and the shocking investment from Honda suggests that they will offer the technology on their future cars whenever its ready. In other words, the next Civic is likely to swap Sensing for the Super Cruise from GM.