Next Honda CR-V Hints At Third-Row Upgrade For Added Versatility

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The latest-generation CR-V has lost its crown as the leader in the affordable crossover scene to the Toyota RAV4 and this has sent Honda back to the drawing boards with hopes of finding the perfect counter-plan.

Well, if Honda’s strategy in Japan is to be a hint on the change coming to the US, you can start looking forward to having a CR-V with three-rows of seat. The setup was introduced in Honda’s home country a week ago and it has gained a lot of interest from the public.

The 7-occupant offering is a setup that can never go wrong as it enhances the versatility of the CR-V. The best part about the vehicle is that Honda isn’t just putting in a third-row bench. They actually made a lot of tweaks to ensure that the extra seats can fit two occupants comfortably.

Unfortunately, the 7-seater setup on the CR-V is only available in Japan at the moment and there’s no way to tell if it will make its way across the Pacific Ocean. But when you realize that the latest vehicles from Honda mimics the Japanese market closely, we may see the 7-seater CR-V coming next year.