Next Honda S2000 Can Be The Perfect Baby NSX!

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If there’s one car many would love to see getting produced, it is a brand-new Honda S2000. Honda has said before that the slow development of a new S2000 is owed to their preference of launching one new model per decade.

With this in mind and the fact that the last S2000 was launched 9 years ago, we may see a new-generation model making its debut by 2020.

It is something we are hoping to come true and the icing on the cake would be having the next S2000 mirroring the Acura NSX. The latter may not be the top choice for a supercar but when rescaled into a compact roadster, we don’t see why it can’t turn into a huge success.

Many have shared the same feedback when discussing about the next S2000 and some even went as far as creating a rending of the car with the styling of the NSX. The latest one came from @JONSIBAL and you can check it out below.