Next Land Rover Defender: Spy Shot Is A Big Hoax?

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The above spy shot of the next-gen Land Rover Defender has got 4×4 fans excited and they can’t wait to check out what the vehicle will have to offer. But then again, a statement from JLR made earlier today may suggest that the prototype model above is a big, fan-made hoax.

The company cited that they already have a vision for the next-gen Defender and that is to do away with the traditional boxy design in favour of more curves to blend better with other new vehicles.

This means that the iconic SUV has no intentions of preserving a timeless appearance like the Mercedes G-Class and the Jeep Wrangler to favour a new direction. The new approach will also contradict to the spied Defender above as the vehicle is still boxy from the ground up.

There are some outlets claiming that the spy photo is actually a big hoax preying on fans of the Defender. Well, if the above statement is to say anything, the hoax claim could be real. The only way to find out is to wait until the Defender’s unveiling next year.