Next Mazda3 May Offer Prius-Killing MPGs Via Mid-Cycle Refresh

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Mazda’s SkyActiv technology has got a whole lot better since the release of SkyActiv-X and this has painted a bright prospect on the next-gen Mazda3. The compact car is scheduled to arrive later this year and the new mill will offer revolutionary balance in power and fuel-economy.

And if you desire for more, you may want to hold-off from being an early adopter of the next-gen Mazda3 and wait until the car goes through a mid-cycle refresh to enjoy greater power and a fuel economy rating that is likely to surpass the Toyota Prius.

This is because Mazda has confirmed that they are hoping to offer a hybrid setup with the SkyActiv-X engines by the year 2021. The hybrid makeover will inject more power with the use of an electric motor and it will amplify fuel economy by an unimaginable margin.

Three years is not too far away from now and it is likely for the next-gen Mazda3 to go through a mid-life refresh. All we can hope now is for Mazda to retain their “vroom, vroom” entity with the upcoming setup.