Next Mitsubishi EVO May Force Mustang Down A Similar Path!

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If you have been following Ford closely, you should be aware of the fact that the carmaker is hoping to have more SUVs and crossovers in its line-ups than traditional sedans or just about any other type of cars.

It cannot be avoided as crossovers and SUVs are selling spectacularly well since the past couple of years or so and it has resulted in the axing of the Fiesta, Taurus and several other names from Ford’s American offerings.

If the trend is to continue, we may see the picture above come to life – a Ford Mustang-turned SUV. It may not look like happening at the moment but if you are to consider that the feisty Fiesta is being replaced with the EcoSport and the Edge had just got an ST trim, you can’t call the Mustang SUV as an impossible idea.

The SUV obsession is for real and if it does happen, Ford will welcome any hate from the Mustang fans because they should know better than to build such vehicle. It will also put the Mustang fans at the losing end as many of them has laughed at Mitsubishi for promising an SUV makeover with the iconic EVO nameplate.

Even if the current Mustangs are to sell better, you can’t write off the SUV possibility because the larger setup of a utility vehicle can actually hand Ford an easier platform to work on a greener performance powertrain.

We certainly hope that Ford still has heart in them and not get driven away with profit potentials.