Next Mustang GT500 Pinpoints October 2018 Debut!

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We have heard plenty about the next-gen Ford Mustang GT500 and we have also seen a number of spy shots on the vehicle. Even so, we are still clueless on when Ford will pull the curtains off the vehicle.

The latest spy shots have already shown that the Mustang GT500 is ready for production but Ford prefer to remain quiet towards promoting their hotly anticipated vehicle. But despite all of that, we can be certain that the ext GT500 will arrive this year.

Some would say that the New York Auto Show will be where the Mustang GT500 makes its official debut but we don’t think that it will happen. Instead of New York, Ford is likely to bring out the GT500 where it all begin, Detroit.

We are well aware that the Detroit Auto Show has concluded very recently ago without any sign of the GT500 but yo shouldn’t write off this possibility yet because the event is being linked for a second show in the same calendar.

In other words, we may be witnessing a second Detroit Auto Show in the same calendar this year as the event organizers are hoping to move the date of the happening to somewhere in Q4.

Should the move gets approved, the Q4 of 2018 will host Detroit Auto Show for the second time in 2018 hence making it possible for the GT500 to become the highlight of the happening.