Next Nissan 370Z Denies Successor With New Colours

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If there’s one thing which many would love to see, it is the development of a new Z-car from Nissan. The 370Z has been around for a long while now and this is fair time for Nissan to start announcing on a successor.

But unfortunately for the fans, a new Z-car is not in Nissan’s best interest at the moment and the carmaker has killed every chance for a new model to appear in 2019.

Nissan defied the claims on a new Z-car to be in development by announcing that the long-serving 370Z will continue its market activity for 2019. Nissan even bragged about an update coming with the 2019 370Z and it is the addition of two new colours.

The confirmation has single-handedly killed the growing hype for the 370Z’s successor. Perhaps, it is just best to forget about the Z-car and look forward to getting shocked when Nissan officially work towards developing the vehicle.