Next Nissan GT-R Looks At Electric For World’s Fastest Title!

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Who can forget the manner in which the Nissan GT-R made its debut? It was back in the late 2000s when the GT-R made its launching and it leaped straight to beating iconic supercars from Mercedes, Ferrari and even Porsche.

Fast forward until today, Nissan has confirmed that they are working on the next-gen GT-R and their goal is to turn the vehicle into the world’s fastest sports car.

This is a big target for Nissan to achieve and the company is well-aware of it. The carmaker quoted that the performance of current supercars is extraordinary hence they will dig deep into their EV technology to find ways that can allow the next GT-R to achieve its goal.

No other reveals were made by Nissan and this has prevented us from getting a rough idea on the sort of powertrain which the next-gen supercar will run on. We will update here when more reveals happen.