Next Nissan Leaf Brings Three Battle Points Against Tesla Model 3

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Within weeks from now, Tesla is expected to pull the curtains off the production-ready Model 3. Not long later, Nissan is going to bring out the next-gen Leaf.

Both cars are expected to go all out against each other as they aim to be the best choice in the affordable EV segment but it is the next Leaf that is getting the most attention at the moment.

This cannot be helped as Nissan promises three great things with the next Leaf – autonomous ability, extreme driving range and affordability. The Leaf will be equipped with Nissan’s autonomous system called ProPilot. The system is tipped by Nissan to be better than Autopilot and this can certainly take the attention away from the Model 3.

Moving on to driving range, Nissan has teased on multiple trims with at least 280 miles to offer. Hence, we can look forward to see the Leaf coming out with more than 300 miles to offer.

Last but not least is price. Tesla has said that they are targeting $35,000 with the Model 3. Even if they are able to achieve this goal, the next-gen Leaf promises something even better. It is retaining the price tag of the current-gen model and this will make it the cheapest EV yet.

Will the Leaf be able to pull the brakes on the upcoming Model 3?