Next Nissan Leaf Focuses On 3 Elements To Take Down Tesla Model 3

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Within weeks from now, Tesla will be rolling out the first batch of Model 3 and it will look to become the biggest volume EV car in the world. The Model 3 is not expected to face any real competition, at least until September this year.

The month of September will be witnessing the release of the next-gen Leaf and the vehicle looks to be the only one that can compete fiercely with the Model 3. Nissan has said before that they have 3 focuses with the next Leaf and whether it will be enough to stop the Model 3 is something that remains to be answered. The 3 pointers are as follow:

1. Autonomous
The Leaf will feature ProPilot, which is Nissan’s autonomous technology. Nissan has said that the ProPilot will perform better than Tesla’s Autopilot.

2. Driving Range
The Leaf is said to be targeting at least 300 miles of driving range.

3. Price
The next Leaf is hoping to be as affordable as the current model. If so, it can certainly woo away the potential Model 3 buyers.