Next Nissan Leaf Gets Free Boost From Hatchback Incline

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It seems that the only direction which the Nissan Leaf knows to take is upwards. After confirming on the production of the next-gen Leaf, anticipation for the car has been amplifying regularly and this gives its sales prospects a big boost.

Today, the prospects were further raised after analysts KBB confirmed that hatchbacks popularity here in the US have soared by a margin of 16% in 2017. This is amazing, especially if you are to consider that the overall compact and subcompact segments have shrunk by 25% this year.

The figures are for the North American region and it confirms that hatchbacks are fast turning into a fan-favorite segment like how it is over in Europe. If sales are to keep inclining, then the next-gen Leaf is bound to get better received by the public on the sales front.

The aging Leaf has been doing extremely well despite of its age and hatchback built hence things can only be a lot better for the next-gen model. Some would say that the next-gen Leaf won’t be able to make it big when compared to the Model 3 due to its hatchback setup but the figures are suggesting otherwise.