Next Nissan Leaf Leaning On 3 Attributes To Stop Tesla Model 3

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Every passing day brings us closer to the arrival of the next-gen Nissan Leaf and we certainly can’t wait to check out how the car performs in the market. This cannot be helped as something needs to be done about the 300,000 pre-orders made for the upcoming Tesla Model 3 and the Leaf could be it.

Nissan has played their cards right when they revealed on a host of upgrades coming to the next-gen Leaf but only 3 things will matter if the Leaf wishes to kill of the Model 3’s hype.

The first thing is with driving range. Tesla has said before that the Model 3 will be a lesser version of the Model S which means that the car may not go beyond 300 miles driving range. This gives the Leaf an advantage, especially when knowing that the range-topping Leaf is targeting more than 300 miles.

Following that is semi-autonomous system. The world is no longer a stranger to ‘self-driving’ cars and this is thanks to Tesla’s Autopilot. Nissan has confirmed that they will be introducing their brand of autonomous driving called ProPilot on the Leaf and it is also said to be a lot better than Autopilot.

Last but not least is the price of the Leaf. The Model 3 is confirmed to be the most affordable car from Tesla and prices are expected to be around the $40,000 mark. Should the Leaf be able to retain the prices of the current generation model, it can definitely leave the Model 3 worried.