Next Nissan Leaf Prospects Raised Thanks To Awful Tesla Model 3

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Earlier today, photos of Tesla Model 3 prototype running some tests on public road got shared on Reddit and it created a huge buzz on the internet. Many were quick to pass their judgment on the car’s design and most of them are negative.

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The majority agreed that the Model 3 has got poor proportions. The car either looks good from the front or when viewed from the back. Seeing the car as a whole can be a little nerve-wrecking.

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If that is not bad enough, the comments also talked about how the interior is going to be ‘cheaped-out’ due to the absence of gauges and a dashboard. Tesla’s Elon Musk has already confirmed that the Model 3 will only rely on a large slate when in operation.

The way we see it, the Model 3 is not so bad looking as we have seen worse in other green cars. But then again, it does make the future look a little more interesting as Nissan is about to launch the next-gen Leaf.

Spy shots on the future Leaf have already confirmed that the car will adopt the styling of the IDS Concept and this has blessed it with massive sales potential. After seeing the Model 3 being slated by the viewers, it is perhaps right to say that the Leaf prospects have touched new heights.