Next Nissan Leaf: True EV Range Hands Tesla Model 3 A Boost

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The Tesla Model 3 is the newest EV car in the market and it is also in-line to become the biggest volume EV in the world. With 300,000 pre-orders in its hands, it seems that there is no other EV that can truly compete with the Model 3 on the sales front.

Well, that was the case until Nissan announced on the development of the next-gen Leaf. The future Leaf is scheduled to arrive in September this year and rumors are claiming that the car will have a driving range of more than 300 miles.

This created a strong hype for the next-gen Leaf but today, the hype meter has experienced a sharp decline. This cannot be helped as a spy photo of the Leaf saw the infotainment system showing only 165 miles on what appears to be a fully charged batter.

If this is going to be the true EV range for the Leaf, than the car will be far less attractive than the Model 3 in terms of driving range. But of course, we would prefer to wait until the next Leaf makes its unveiling before we can call the car a failed EV project.

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