Next Nissan Leaf vs Tesla Model 3: Where It Matters?

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The Chevrolet Bolt has been around for half-a-year already and it has failed to show any signs of competing with the 300,000 pre-orders made for the upcoming Tesla Model 3. This leaves us with the Nissan Leaf being the only car that may be able to pose a bigger threat for the upcoming EV.

The current Leaf, despite of its age, is consistently achieving decent sales and this is why we are predicting the next-gen model to create new record on the sales front. The best part is that we are not far away from the arrival of the next-gen Leaf as the car is being tipped to make its debut later this year.

The future Leaf will be hoping to outdo the Tesla Model 3 in areas where it matters most – autonomous technology, driving range and price. Nissan has confirmed that their autonomous system called ProPilot will be making its debut on the Leaf. The ProPilot system is also tipped by Nissan to be better than Autopilot.

Then there is driving range. Nissan has yet to confirm on the figures for the next-gen Leaf but they did tease on multiple trims with at least 280 miles to offer. Hence, we can look forward to see the Leaf coming out with more than 300 miles to offer.

Last but not least is price. The current Leaf is easily the most budget-friendly EV around and we can expect the same from the next-gen model. If Nissan is able to do the unthinkable like pricing the Leaf under $30,000, we don’t see why the car can’t outdo the Tesla Model 3’s sales potential.