Next Supra Has Sealed Toyota 86’s Fate

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Toyota has revealed plenty on the next-gen Supra and it looks like all that is left for them to do is to launch the vehicle. When the Supra arrives, it will hope to become the hottest sports car in the world.
At the same time, the Supra will also seal the awry fate of the Toyota 86.

The 86 is Toyota’s entry-level sports car that offers an engaging performance like no other within its price range. But on the downside of things, the 86 has left many to be desired and this is due to its poor mid-rev performance. The stuttering performance has created an underpowered feel which many believe can be solved with a mild engine upgrade.

Sadly though, such a thing is not in Toyota’s best interest because a power bump on the 86 can narrow the gap with the entry-level Supra. The former has got 205hp and anything more than that will put it too close to the entry-level 262hp Supra.

With that being said, it is highly unlikely for the 86 to get a power gain of a significant margin. The car will remain underpowered like what the critics are saying and the only way out is through getting the next-gen Supra.