Next Supra Promising Dead-End Affair With 86!

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The Toyota 86 is a great affordable sports car but this is provided that you can look past the underpowered criticism aimed at the vehicle.

With only 205hp to offer from a 4-pot setup as well as a poor mid-rev performance, the 86 can’t offer a pleasing performance if the race is conducted on the drag strip. But in the defence of the 86, the car has got plenty of fun to offer around the track.

Many still believe that a fix for this is necessary for the 86 to move forward but we don’t think Toyota will give into the demand of the fans. If you are to check out the upcoming Supra, the base model will be packed with 262hp.

Such a level of output would mean that the 86 can’t have turbochargers as that will narrow the gap separating it from the Supra. Your best hope will be with a fix for the mid-rev performance and nothing more.