Next Tesla Roadster May Pave Way For Flying Future!

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By now, most of you must have heard about the next-gen Tesla Roadster. The EV sports car from Tesla was previewed earlier this year and crunching the numbers will tell you an exciting future ahead.

To keep it brief, the next-gen Roadster will have the capabilities to hit 60mph from stop under 2 seconds and this will make it the fastest accelerating road-legal car in history. But for Elon Musk, this is only the minimum requirement for the Roadster.

The head of Tesla shared earlier this month that the Roadster can go a lot faster as there will be an insane sports package coming from SpaceX. The package will add in rocket thrusters on strategic areas of the Roadster and it will bring significant boost to performance.

What we find intriguing here is that the rocket thruster is a technology used in real space expeditions and flight controls. To see its application on a road vehicle suggests that the Roadster may create a path towards that flying cars future many believe will happen.