Next Tesla Roadster: One Foot On Flying Future?

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Tesla can be commended for sparking an EV uprising through the release of the Model S. But even when the world is about to get familiar with electric cars, Tesla boldly moves ahead to hand the world a preview of autonomous vehicles.

Now, Tesla has got an even bigger goal which they want to fulfil and it was hinted on the next-gen Roadster. The carmaker has made it clear that the pre-production specs target with the Roadster is viewed as the minimum requirement for the car. They went on to add that there will be a variant that is tuned by SpaceX to achieve even greater speed.

In detail, the Roadster SpaceX will utilize rocket thrusters to move significantly faster than the base model. Such a feature is commonly used in the space and aviation industry for flight controls hence it strongly suggests that Tesla is working towards building the foundation for flying cars.

Like how Autopilot controversially sparked a race for autonomous vehicles, the next-gen Roadster may just hand the world a potential preview for flying cars.