Next Tesla Roadster: SpaceX Holds Key To Flying Car Development!

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The preview numbers for the next-gen Tesla Roadster have promised on a record-breaking debut as the vehicle will be able to hit 60mph in 1.9 seconds while also go beyond 300MPH.

But for Tesla, these numbers are nothing more than the minimum requirement for the upcoming Roadster. The carmaker has said that there will be a special tune from SpaceX that will grant even greater speed.

It then hit us. There is actually no point for the Roadster to be faster than the indicated preview numbers unless Tesla has got a bigger goal to achieve. We have now come to realize the goal to be with the development of flying cars.

The clue here is with the rocket thrusters that will be used by SpaceX to improve on the speed of the Roadster. Such a feature is commonly found in the space and aviation industry to achieve flight.

With its application on cars, Tesla is likely to use the Roadster as a breakthrough for a car to achieve flight, even if it is only for a short distance. Besides, it won’t be a first for Tesla to turn their users into live experiments.